Baked just for you!

​​​Frequent questions

Do you deliver the cakes?

Yes, we do!  You can either pick up your cake (South East Calgary) or ask us to deliver it to your place.  Additional fees may apply depending on the distance. Please note that we require at least a week's notice if delivery is required. Unfortunately we can not guarantee same day delivery service.

How long in advance do I need to place an order? Do I need to pay my order before picking it up?

We need at least two weeks in advance to place your order and a 50% deposit from your total order.  Your order will be confirmed via email when we receive the deposit. Please note that your order will not be placed until the deposit is received.  You could pay the balance the same day of picking up or delivery.  We ask that customers read our refund policies before making your first purchase.

What are my payment options?


-Cheque payable to Lilian Villanueva.

-Email transfers to :

Do I receive a refund if I need to cancel an order?

We understand that sometimes you can’t control life situations specially if they are unexpected.  However, the table below shows our refund policies:

Two or more weeks notice............100% refund.

One week notice................................80% refund.
Same day to six days notice...............No refund.

No refunds for damaged cakes after we handle them to you.

Is it your kitchen nuts free?

We are really careful about using different kitchen utensils when we had use nuts but we are not responsible for any allergy reaction as all of our products are prepared in a kitchen that may handle nuts.

Are you approved by Alberta Health Services and the City of Calgary?

Yes! We are licensed through the City of Calgary and by Alberta Health Services. We want to ensure the highest quality standards for our goods.